Not known Factual Statements About concrete mix numbers

I'm looking to incorporate slope to your concrete porch. When it rains, the water puddles in places. I'm thinking of selecting anyone to include a slope with Possibly this material?

Hello Chris my dips usually are not 1/two inch deep in my shower floor am i able to however use the item Sakrete top rated and bond or is there a distinct variation I should do. Many thanks all over again - Michelle

Terry, you should remove the paint initial, concrete will not likely adhere to a painted area. Using rebar to join the two slabs is also instructed. - Chris Specialized Solutions

I had a section of driveway replaced in December. Soon after it rained not to mention the concrete wasn't cured so there was a good offer of concrete washing away as well as spalling.

I have a 10x8 wood garden shed with concrete floor. The Wooden siding is outdated and starting to rot along reduced boards resulting from staying involved with ground. I wish to reside but was wondering if it is feasible to bond concrete cinder blocks, it's possible 3 high then reside with cedar wood but only to the best of your cement blocks Therefore the Wooden will not Get hold of ground.

Tom, Certainly you could insert concrete above present concrete. Nonetheless it appears like you challenge is poor drainage that ought to be resolved very first. A French drain can be a solution to your dilemma. If you choose to add concrete to your present patio be sure that it slopes absent from the house at a minimum of 1/eight” per ft. Honor any enlargement joints which are at present present.

Hello- I have an out building that enormous gravel/rock has been taken off generally a hundred and forty four sq. ft. space with a depth of approx. six inches. Without the expense of the concrete truck charging phenomenal prices Exactly what are your tips, thank more info here you. - Roger Buggle

Doug, no This could not be structurally design mix concrete xls sound. Concrete can only be used in a minimum of 2" thick. We can not provide you with a suggestion for your footing depth need as a result of area developing codes. You would have to get that information from your regional Planning Office. - Lee-Technological Assistance

Ron, no You can't use the Top rated N Bond to resurface a swimming pool. You will need to use a appropriate product or service that should get the job done with the prevailing pool floor. You could potentially Test with a neighborhood pool supply store. - Lee-Technical Support

Hi Lee, I've a fifteen yr. previous residential condominium constructing with 20 balcony's which seem to have been created without and consideration to pitch and drainage And so the water just flows out more than the perimeters and stains the façade and I am pondering is there a concrete product or service that I can increase two inches along with the prevailing concrete slab which might enable me to make a pitch after which you can an appropriate drainage technique. Thanks Bernie - Bernie

Chris, you'll do better to include a French drain. Incorporating a control might not remedy the trouble for the reason that concrete is porous.

I've a short while ago positioned a bolstered concrete footer in the patio for placement of brick pavers in addition to the footer. Do I should use some type of bonding agent on top of the concrete mix edinburgh footer right before putting down a one/two" mortar bed for my brick? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. - Bob

I have a concrete bird bath and want to apply glass beads to it. The bottom part which is. Do I should glue the glass on the concrete very first and when so what kind of glue would perform best. - Beth

Walt, Sure, salt and concrete do not get along in the slightest degree. It is actually beast to seal the resurfaced concrete with Sakrete Cure N Seal to help you shield it from the damages salt has on it. - Chris Technical Companies

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